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This site is rebuilt from the work originally compiled by Larry Yudelson, Karl Erik Andersen, Seth Kulick and the EDLIS crew in 1995

Jokerman is a song by Bob Dylan, first published on the Infidels album (1983).

When the song was new, a video was made to accompany it. This video is unusual, in that it consists of a series of images of classic paintings and other pieces of art. There are also a few shots of Bob singing, but the images are the main thing.


Album version of Jokerman:

Studio A
Power Station
New York City, New York
13-14 April 1983

Bob Dylan (vocal, harmonica, keyboards & guitar), Mark Knopfler (guitar), Mick Taylor (guitar), Alan Clark (keyboards), Robbie Shakespeare (bass), Sly Dunbar (drums). 


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